Be aware of fraudulent online job postings on social media platforms and popular websites, including job recruiting websites.

Typically, these postings usually offer candidates the opportunity to work from home doing online data entry.

A scammer, posing as someone from a Human Resources team, will contact the unknowing applicant via email or social media direct chat tools, and engage them in a fake recruitment process, sometimes even inviting them to an interview.  At some point, the applicant is asked to exchange funds – either send money or deposit a cheque and provide a slip that contains personal banking information.

Intact and its affiliated companies do not engage in these types of hiring practices.

What to do if you suspect a job posting is fraudulent

If you are unsure if a job posting is authentic, always check it against our career website. All our job postings will be posted there as well. 

Visit our career site here: 

If you have communicated with someone linked to a fraudulent job posting, or, have sent or received money related to a fraudulent posting, please report it to your local police agency and send a copy of your police report to