Intact employees are inspired and equipped to make change

Together, we are inspired and equipped to drive change

We believe everyone plays a role in building a more inclusive workplace. So, we’re committed to inspiring our teams to demonstrate inclusive behaviours and actions every day.  

In 2020, we took many actions to inform, inspire and build a more inclusive workplace:

  • Conducting interactive training programs addressing behaviour and accountability 

  • Hosting  Inclusion Circles focused on active listening, education and supporting our communities 
  • Hosting Diversity and Inclusion spotlight learning sessions to help employees understand emotional tax, systemic racism and the impact of bias  
  • Launching an annual Diversity & Inclusion event providing an opportunity for employees to learn about each other and celebrate, honour and promote diversity  
  • Running national ‘Reframing History’ events in partnership with Indigenous elders to provide insights and historical context on current challenges facing the Indigenous community   
  • Celebrating Orange Shirt day to honour the Indigenous children who were sent away to residential schools in Canada and experienced cruelty and abuse  
  • Conducting workshops to help employees understand and adopt concrete actions on intersectional allyship   
Intact employees are inspired and equipped to make change

We’re dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone feels respected and supported. 

As part of this commitment, we will continue to: 

  • Enhance our HR practices to provide a fair and inclusive experience  

  • Enhance talent management practices enabling all employees to create robust career development plans and achieve their career goals  

  • Offer flexible work arrangements to enable employees to maintain a balance between work and personal life  

  • Offer 24/7 confidential and professional counselling to employees and their family members through our Employee Family Assistance Program
  • Promote mental health and well-being, raise awareness of mental health issues, address stigma and mobilize efforts in support of mental health   

  • Provide a harassment-free work environment in which all employees are treated with respect and dignity.